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Here are some stories from classic car folks about getting their first car! If you have an interesting story about getting your first car, or first classic car, sent it along with a picture and I will add it here.

My first car! by Bill Barber, Erin, Ontario

50 Ford Club Coupe My parents took me to church in downtown Toronto. When I was in my early teens I noticed an older couple who came to the church driving a 1950 Ford Tudor in amazingly good shape. I told them to please let me know when they were selling the car. Time went by and I didn't see it anymore... when I enquired the said they gave it to their son. Again I said tell your son if he ever sells it let me know.

More time went by and one day my dad said the son asked him if I still wanted the car..... the price was $25. I said yes and we went to tow it home.

I couldn't believe how much it had deteriorated in a couple years. There was nothing below the side mouldings except the doors.... but it ran well so I took it.

A summer of work and it was pop riveted together with any piece of metal available and a lot of body filler. A friend painted it in exchange for a bottle of liquor.

There was no ownership so I went to get one. They said if I had the last plate number they could help me. I had used the old plate to fix a hole in the floor, so I knew exactly where it was!

Being 16 years old, after all that work, I trashed the car in less than a year! (But a few years later I purchased a 50 Ford coupe that I own to this day, 50 years later.)

Bill Barber,

Editors Note: The 50 Ford that Bill has now is a really sharp example, in near perfect condition. But, he committed a cardinal sin... it is powered by a Chrysler V8 (340 I think) coupled to the Chrysler 4 speed transmission with floor shift. Goes like stink! I think he still has the original power train squirreled away somewhere.

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