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Here are some stories from classic car folks about getting their first car! If you have an interesting story about getting your first car, or first classic car, sent it along with a picture and I will add it here.

My first car! by George Hoskins, Mississauga, Ontario

1929 Chrysler four door sedan My first car was a 1929 Chrysler four door sedan. I purchased the car from a older couple from church in Mimico for $50.00. The car had a 6 cylinder L-head engine and was very quick for its age. It also had hydraulic brakes which was a great feature which very few cars had in that age group. It also had split rims and if you jumped the clutch there would be a good chance you would have a flat tire as the tube valve would be cut off. That ended the drag race! The gas tank also leaked and for some reason I couldn't afford to get the tank repaired (no money).

After a couple of years of rough use the engine quit and I sold the car for $25.00. The buyer of the car was a young fellow like myself but who had a father who was mechanically inclined. A new timing chain was installed and the car was off and running for a few more years.

I am amazed now how much abuse that old car took under my ownership. All the time that I owned the car I never had a drivers license!

The next car that I purchased was a 1937 Chevrolet Coupe, but that is another story

George Hoskins.

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