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Here are some stories from classic car folks about getting their first car! If you have an interesting story about getting your first car, or first classic car, sent it along with a picture and I will add it here.

My first car! by Gary Latour, Toronto, Ontario

48 Packard Hearse I really, really wanted a 1948 Packard Hearse, but I was 14 with no license. I was willing to wait. It was just a matter of parking it in the driveway for a year or two and getting a licence and insurance, no safety required then, just a matter of plates and I was away. However my parents were absolutely convinced the neighbors would complain, and go nuts.

Was I the only teen who thought that their parents were unreasonable, and unsupportive?

64 Ford Falcon My Uncle Roly gave me his old 1964 Ford Falcon six. All it needed was a valve job, soon corrected with an exchange head. It was under powered and rough running. How the Mustang evolved from this was a mystery to me.

I started working at a Ford dealership, where I managed to T-bone another car while driving a 1965 Galaxy. Oh, did I mention I still had no licence? (Ford assumed I did and didn't ask) All I had to do was pass my driving test to prove I was a competent driver. At the time of the accident I just was not used to a car with a 390 engine as I was driving a 6-cylinder Falcon.

65 Ford Galaxia When the dealer had the nerve to take the deductible from my pay cheque without notifying me first, I marched into the general mangers to announce I was quitting, but not before I questioned his sexuality for driving a pink T-Bird, and wearing a mauve colored suit.

63 Pontiac Leaving Ford in my dust I celebrated by buying my first car, a 1963 Pontiac 283 V8. Hopefully I have matured a bit from the obnoxious Jerk I was then. Some would say older but no wiser, perhaps?

Gary LaTour,

Editors Note: Gary is now the proud owner of a 55 Chev very similar to my first car, except his is two tone blue. - Don Robertson.

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